14 Mar 2017

Important Changes to City Garbage Services

Submitted by Anonymous

To City of Hallettsville Residents:

 Starting March 21st, the City’s new garbage provider, Texas Disposal Systems (TDS), will be distributing one (1) 96 gallon garbage cart and one (1) 96 gallon recycling cart to each residential customer in the City of Hallettsville. Carts will be placed at the curb in front of your home.  April 3rd will be the first day to put your recycling cart at the curb. Recycling will be picked up every other Monday. April 6th will be the first day to put your new garbage cart out. Garbage will be picked up every Thursday. Also beginning April 6th, and every Thursday thereafter, you will be able to put one 30 gallon bag of yard waste OR one bundle (4 foot lengths, tied, max. 40lbs.) of branches/limbs next to your garbage cart for pickup. 

 Your final garbage pick-up with Republic Waste Services will either be March 28th or March 31st depending on if you get serviced on Tuesday or Friday. Once the trash is picked up, please leave your cart at the curb so that Republic can collect it either that same day or the next as their services will be ending directly before service with TDS begins.

 The new curbside recycling and curbside yard waste pick up services are included in the residential base rate which has increased $0.24 a month with the new City-wide contract with TDS. We believe that these added services will make it more convenient and are a good value for our residents. Should you have any other questions please contact City Hall at 798-3681.  Thank you for your cooperation.